Dark Alpha's Night - Donna Grant

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Chapter One

Inchmickery, Scotland


The drums of Fate beat boisterously, the rhythm unstoppable.

And unmovable.

It was the first time Daire felt that he and his fellow Reapers might very well lose this senseless war they were embroiled in.

He let his gaze wander around the room, looking at the faces within the confines of the concrete fort their group had taken over on the small isle off the coast of Edinburgh. It wasn’t that Daire didn’t like Scotland, but he missed Ireland.

There were always seven Reapers. He didn’t know why Death chose that number when the group was created, and he never thought to ask. As executioners for Death, it was the Reapers’ job to help keep the balance between the Light and Dark Fae.

A job that wasn’t easy on a good day.

And they hadn’t had a good day in a long, long time.

Death didn’t prefer one branch of Fae over the other, which was why the Reapers were comprised of both Dark and Light. Though once a Fae accepted the position of Reaper, they ceased being one or the other—though their coloring remained.

There were two Dark in their ranks—Kyran and Fintan. While Kyran had the red eyes and black and silver hair of a Dark, Fintan’s hair and eyes were white. He earned his coloring from killing more Fae than any other in their entire history. But that was another story.

Daire’s gaze moved to Talin, who stood with their newest member, Neve, who also happened to be Talin’s woman. Next to her was Baylon, who stood with his arms crossed over his chest, a frown marring his face as he spoke.

They’d been deep in discussions for the past hour with nothing to show for it. Daire wondered what the girls, who weren’t present, were up to. It was an odd thought. Especially since the Reapers hadn’t been allowed to have relationships before.

But all that changed once Bran escaped his prison realm and started his crusade to wipe out the Reapers and kill Death.

That’s when Baylon fell in love with Jordyn, Kyran and River got together, and Fintan gave his heart to Catriona. Now, those women—all half-Fae—were making the fort their home. With Death’s blessing.

“Daire? Are you listening?”

His head jerked to Cael, the leader of the Reapers. Daire looked into Cael’s silver eyes and gave a single nod. “I am.”

Daire wasn’t as overjoyed as the others to have the girls at the fort. It had nothing to do with Catriona Hayes falling in love with Fintan, and everything to do with the fact that Cat had done what none of the Reapers was able to—wound Bran.

While it felt as if they’d been fighting Bran for eons, it had only been a handful of months, but already, the ex-Reaper had managed to wreak untold havoc.

The worst was during a particularly brutal battle. A clash of magic resulted in Eoghan’s disappearance to. . . . Well, that was the problem. They didn’t know where their friend and fellow Reaper was, or how to get to him.

To complicate things even