Love Script

This is the original version, not the deluxe edition



Tiffany Ashley


“When are you coming back?” Mary-Knight Tyler whined.

Laney Parks sighed heavily. She was seconds away from wringing her supervisor"s neck. “I"ll be back on the twentieth. I put a reminder on your calendar last month.”

“The least you could have done was taken a four-day cruise. How am I supposed to get anything done while you"re on vacation?”

Laney didn"t have to tell the snooty bitch that if she didn"t use her well-earned vacation she would lose it. Mary-Knight Tyler already knew that but insisted on muttering about it. It was pointless for Laney to mention she had only used two days of vacation last year. She would have used more if it weren"t for Mary-Knight calling her at all hours of the night, barking at her to complete projects, projects she would present to the big wigs as her own.

It was only by sheer grace that Laney and she hadn"t had an all out catfight by now. Lord knows it had been building up for three years.

“You realize you"re going to have to do some serious overtime when you get back, right?”

“I know.” Laney sighed under her breath. “You"ve mentioned that twice already.”

“I just want to make sure you understand how much we have to do.”

Correction, Laney thought, I"ve completed all my projects. You mean all the work you want me to do for you.

“Make a list,” Laney said in a monotone, “and we"ll work on it when I get back.”

She wouldn"t dare tell Mary-Knight that her cruise didn"t leave until next Saturday. Laney needed the next few days off to relax and to completely forget about work. If things went according to plan, she would be engaged next week.

There was no way she was going to let Mary-Knight ruin it by stressing her out about her workload.

There was a beep from the phone and a smooth rich voice flowed through.


Laney watched Mary-Knight"s eyes widen as she leaped closer to the phone.

“Yes, Mr. Sinclair?”

“We"re having a quick meeting about the prospect of the Zelman account. Can you join us?”

“Yes, Mr. Sinclair.”

Apparently satisfied with her eager response, a loud beep emanated from the speaker, signaling the call had just been terminated. However, May-Knight continued to gaze at the phone a few minutes longer. Her eyes had gone slightly dreamy and, whether she was aware of it or not, she licked her lower lip nervously. For a minute, Laney thought she looked years younger.

Laney hadn"t missed the seductive tone of Mary-Knight"s response. It was common knowledge that every woman at Sinclair Corp had a crazed crush on the CEO, Nicolas Sinclair. However, Mary-Knight"s feelings veered more toward obsession. Even as she reapplied her makeup and sprayed on a B & B Works sweet pea scented splash along her neck, it was clear she was hopelessly in love with her handsome boss. As it was, Mr.

Sinclair was little more than a ghost to everyone but his executive team. He was rarely in the office and when he was, he met with his secretary, Linda, and a select few. The end result was very few people ever saw him.

Seeming to have wakened from her love-struck stupor, Mary-Knight gave a small cough and pulled herself up taller. Her eyes now flashing with alert clarity, she fixed Laney with her best predatory smile. “I"ll work on a list this evening,” she sang out.

“Are you working late today?”

After working with the woman for years it still amazed Laney how Mary-Knight managed to disguise her demands as harmless questions. It gave Laney great satisfaction to match Mary-Knight"s false smile