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One Last Time

Corinne Michaels


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To women who stay when they should leave . . .

You deserve to be loved.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to be free.

Chapter One


“Just leave then!” I scream at my husband as he tells me, once again, how worthless I am. I’ve had it. Years I’ve stayed by his side, but I won’t do this anymore. No one should feel this empty and unloved.

“I’m not leaving this house, Kristin. If you want this to be over, then pack your shit and get the hell out of my house.”

I stare at the man I’ve loved since I was twenty-two. The father of my children. The person I thought I’d grow old beside. The man before me is a mirage of that man. Scott has changed so much in the last fourteen years that he’s unrecognizable. Now, he’s just someone that I used to love.

The man I knew would never throw me away so easily. He would’ve done anything to make it work.

“This isn’t just your house, Scott. I’m your wife!”

He shakes his head with a smirk. “I’m the one who pays for it. How will you afford your designer lifestyle without a job?”

Designer lifestyle? I can’t remember the last time I bought myself anything. Mostly because I’d rather not listen to how stupid I am.

“I’ll get a job and do what I need to. I’m not moving out because of that.”

He rubs the bridge of his nose. “So, now you’ll work, but not the last ten years?”

“You wanted me to stay home with Aubrey and Finn! You told me to quit my job, you don’t get to throw it back in my face!” I slam my hand on the table.

It’s like Groundhog Day with us. The same fight, over and over, with nothing ever reconciling. I have a master’s in communications, and it’s the one thing neither of us does well.

Scott demanded I quit my job as a reporter when we found out I was pregnant with Finn. I was always traveling, covering breaking stories, and he felt I wouldn’t be able to devote enough time to being a mom.

At first, it made sense. I always wanted to be the kind of mother who baked cookies or sent the kids off to school with a kiss on the cheek and their lunches made. My mom was that way, and I have the fondest memories because of it. I think she might have been part alien because, most days, I’m lucky if my kids wear clothes that match and have enough money in their lunch accounts.

My life is nothing like I thought it’d be. Instead of baking, I’m running around trying to keep the house clean so he isn’t