Reaper's Gate & Toll the Hounds


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Tehol Beddict, a destitute resident

Bugg, Tehol's manservant

Shurq Elalle, an itinerant pirate

Skorgen Kaban, Shurq's First Mate

Ublala Pung, an unemployed Tarthenal half-blood

Ormly, a member of the Rat Catchers' Guild

Rucket, Chief Investigator of the Rat Catchers' Guild

Karos Invictad, Invigilator of the Patriotists

Tanal Yathvanar, Karos's personal assistant

Rautos Hivanar, Master of the Liberty Consign of Merchants

Venitt Sathad, Rautos's principal field agent

Triban Gnol, Chancellor of the New Empire

Nisall, First Concubine of the old emperor

Janall, deposed empress

Turudal Brizad, ex-consort

Janath Anar, a political prisoner

Sirryn Kanar, a palace guard

Brullyg (Shake), nominal Ruler of Second Maiden Fort

Yedan Derryg (The Watch)

Orbyn 'Truthfinder', Section Commander of the Patriotists

Letur Anict, Factor in Drene

Bivatt, Atri-Preda of the Eastern Army

Feather Witch, Letherii slave to Uruth


Rhulad, ruler of the New Empire

Hannan Mosag, Imperial Ceda

Uruth, Matriarch of the Emperor and wife to Tomad Sengar

K'risnan, warlocks of the Emperor

Bruthen Trana, Edur in palace

Brohl Handar, Overseer of the East in Drene


Yan Tovis (Twilight), Atri-Preda of the Letherii Army

Varat Taun, her lieutenant

Taralack Veed, a Gral agent of the Nameless Ones

Icarium, Taralack's weapon

Hanradi Khalag, a warlock of the Tiste Edur

Tomad Sengar, Patriarch of the Emperor

Samar Dev, a scholar and witch from Seven Cities

Karsa Orlong, a Toblakai warrior

Taxilian, an interpreter


Redmask, an exile who returned

Masarch, a warrior of the Renfayar Clan

Hadralt, War Leader of Ganetok Clan

Sag'Churok, a bodyguard to Redmask

Gunth Mach, a bodyguard to Redmask

Torrent, a Copperface

Natarkas, a Copperface


Seren Pedac, a Letherii Acquitor

Fear Sengar, a Tiste Edur

Kettle, a Letherii orphan

Udinaas, a Letherii runaway slave

Wither, a shadow wraith

Silchas Ruin, a Tiste Andii Ascendant


Ulshun Pral, an Imass

Rud Elalle, an adopted foundling

Hostille Rator, a T'lan Imass

Til'aras Benok, a T'lan Imass

Gr'istanas Ish'ilm, a T'lan Imass



Tavore Paran, Commander of the Bonehunters

Lostara Yil, Second to Tavore

Keneb, Fist in the Bonehunters

Blistig, Fist in the Bonehunters

Faradan Sort, Captain

Madan'tul Rada, Faradan Sort's lieutenant

Grub, adopted son of Keneb

Beak, mage seconded to Captain Faradan Sort

8th Legion, 9th Company

4th Squad

Fiddler, sergeant

Tarr, corporal

Koryk, half-blood Seti, marine

Smiles, Kanese, marine

Cuttle, sapper

Bottle, squad mage

Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas, soldier

5th Squad

Gesler, sergeant

Stormy, corporal

Sands, marine

Shortnose, heavy infantry

Flashwit, heavy infantry

Uru Hela, heavy infantry

Mayfly, heavy infantry

7th Squad

Cord, sergeant

Shard, corporal

Limp, marine

Ebron, squad mage

Crump (Jamber Bole), sapper

Sinn, mage

8th Squad

Hellian, sergeant

Touchy, corporal #1

Brethless, corporal #2

Balgrid, squad mage

Tavos Pond, marine

Maybe, sapper

Lutes, squad healer

9th Squad

Balm, sergeant

Deadsmell, corporal

Throatslitter, marine

Galt, marine

Lobe, marine

Widdershins, squad mage

12th Squad

Thom Tissy, sergeant

Tulip, corporal

Ramp, heavy infantry

Jibb, medium infantry

Gullstream, medium infantry

Mudslinger, medium infantry

Bellig Harn, heavy infantry

13th Squad

Urb, sergeant

Reem, corporal

Masan Gilani, marine

Bowl, heavy infantry

Hanno, heavy infantry

Saltlick, heavy infantry

Scant, heavy infantry

8th Legion, 3rd Company

4th Squad

Pravalak Rim, corporal

Honey, sapper

Strap Mull, sapper

Shoaly, heavy infantry

Lookback, heavy infantry

5th Squad

Badan Gruk, sergeant

Ruffle, marine

Skim, marine

Nep Furrow, mage

Reliko, heavy infantry

Vastly Blank, heavy infantry

10th Squad

Primly, sergeant

Hunt, corporal

Mulvan Dreader, mage

Neller, sapper

Skulldeath, marine

Drawfirst, heavy infantry


Banaschar, the Last Priest of D'rek

Withal, a Meckros Swordsmith

Sandalath Drukorlat, a Tiste Andii, Withal's wife

Nimander Golit, a Tiste Andii, offspring of Anomander Rake

Phaed, a Tiste Andii, offspring of Anomander Rake

Curdle, a possessed skeletal reptile

Telorast, a possessed skeletal reptile

Onrack, a T'lan Imass, unbound

Trull Sengar, a Tiste Edur renegade

Ben Adaephon Delat, a wizard

Menandore, a Soletaken (Sister of Dawn)

Sheltatha Lore, a Soletaken (Sister of Dusk)

Sukul Ankhadu, a Soletaken (Sister Dapple)

Kilmandaros, an Elder Goddess

Clip, a Tiste Andii

Cotillion, The Rope, Patron God of Assassins

Emroth, a broken T'lan Imass

Hedge, a ghost

Old Hunch Arbat, Tarthenal

Pithy, an ex-con

Brevity, an ex-con

Pully, a Shake witch

Skwish, a Shake witch


The Elder Warren of Kurald Emurlahn

The Age of Sundering

In a landscape torn