Screwed - Kendall Ryan

Chapter One


Goddamn. This is going to be harder than I thought.

My eyes swing over to admire the most perfect pear-shaped ass I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on while my business partner, Hudson, continues lecturing me. I think it’s about something important, but there’s nothing more urgent than my body’s reaction to this shapely brunette. Jesus. Those tits are definitely real.

“I mean it. Your cock is cut off this time,” Hudson says, his tone biting.

Tearing my gaze away from the succulent new brunette moving into unit 4B, I face him. “Not literally cut off. I’m sort of attached to him. You realize that, right?”

“Well, it’s on lockdown then. No more of this bullshit. I had three calls this week alone from hysterical women—our tenants who you, how do I put this delicately? You fucked and then left before their pussies were even dry.”

I smirk at him, but I can’t deny the accusation. The condo building that Hudson and I own—and I live in—is like a real-life Melrose Place. With sexy young twenty-somethings all living in close proximity, there’s bound to be a little drama now and again. Together, Hudson and I own thirty buildings in the greater Los Angeles area. And some of our buildings have very fuckable tenants. Up until this point, I’ve considered that a nice bonus, a bonus that I accepted numerous times; it was certainly the best perk of the job. Hudson has apparently viewed it differently.

“Who’s that?” I ask, tipping my head toward the bombshell who’s responsible for all the blood rushing to my groin. Fuck. I should have a word with her about that; that’s not cool. But the thought of going up to her and having a word about my current predicament and seeing her blush causes my groin to ache even harder. Fuck.

Hudson’s eyes swing to the left to see what, or rather, who has captured my attention. And who’s given me this semi-chub, which I hope he hasn’t noticed. We’re close, but we’re not that close.

“Get control of your cock,” Hudson says, narrowing his eyes at me.

Damn it. He noticed.

“The only one I want in control of my cock is that beautiful creature right there.” I’m blatantly staring at her, and I don’t even care.

“No, no, no. Don’t get any ideas. You’re not tagging that.”

She’s not close enough to overhear us, but I shoot him a scowl anyway. “Show some class, man. Tagging is such a juvenile word. I’d take my time, get her hot and ready first, until she was begging for me to fill her tight little cunt.”

“I’m fucking serious. You’re not to even think about her tight cunt.” He puffs his chest out, clearly ready for battle.

“So you acknowledge she’s got a tight cunt?” I smile, proud of myself.

He wipes sweat from his brow, looking worried. “Hayden, I’m serious this time.” His voice has taken on a somber tone, and for once, I try to be serious and focus.

When I see the way the vein throbs in his neck, my smile fades. We’re standing outside one of our nicest buildings just outside of downtown, and the mid-afternoon sun is beating down on us. Suddenly I want to get away from him, away from this entire conversation and into the cool air-conditioning inside. Shit has gotten a little too real for me.

“You know me.” I grin at him, trying to lighten the mood. “I just wanted to have some casual fun.” And if that means sleeping my way through the LA singles scene, so be it.

I’m not looking for something deeper. I have a luxury condo in the