Tink's Neverland (Cosmos' Gateway Book 1)

Chapter 1

“Hey Tink, you were great tonight.” yelled one of the guys who had been trying to get Jasmine ‘Tinker’ Bell’s attention all night.

There was a full house tonight at the local brewery called ‘Purple Haze’ where they made and sold all types of homemade beers and specialty dishes. It was a well-known college hangout and a great place to get picked up if that was what you were looking for. The two guys walking away had been the two most aggressive in trying to get Tink’s attention. Tink made a rule not to pick up anyone from the bar. She had bad enough luck with guys without having to add any other liabilities to her choices.

Tink raised her hand and gave an offhanded thanks before turning the opposite way. She and her band mates closed the brewery down tonight. At two o’clock in the morning, the only lights shining were the streets lights and the occasional headlights from a car leaving the place but she wasn’t worried. The small college town of Calais, Maine was one of the safest in the country. Even if it wasn’t, anyone who heard of Jasmine “Tinker” Bell knew better than to mess with the pint-size spitfire if they didn’t want a wrench upside their head. At five foot four inches and one hundred ten pounds of toned muscle, Tink was known for her sense of humor and easy personality. But when riled, she could take down even the toughest of mechanics in the town thanks to her mom’s determination that all her girls learn to defend their self, even if it meant fighting dirty which Tink had been known to do on occasion. Besides, if she wasn’t able to do it, then one of her two sisters or eleven fellow mechanics round town would do the job and there wouldn’t be much left for the cops to pick up. Life was good as far as Tink was concerned and she enjoyed it to the fullest.

Humming softly one of the songs she had played, she hung the guitar case over her shoulder and tightened the tool belt around her small waist. She promised her best friend, Cosmos, she would stop by the lab in the warehouse where they lived to look at a generator he needed work on. She picked up her tool belt from work to bring home with her earlier since she needed some of the special tools she had machined for the job. She loved working on some of the things Cosmos did almost as much as she loved the big guy himself. Cosmos might have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth but it didn’t show. Cosmos’ parents made a mint off of different patents they developed and Cosmos was just like them. He had his doctorate by the time he was twenty-two and had bought the old warehouse near the river as a lab/house. While considered a nerd, Cosmos didn’t follow the typically description of one. He was six foot two with wide shoulders, long, light-brown hair and hazel eyes. The kind of eyes a girl could drown in; any other girl that is, except Tink. She and Cosmos developed a kinship more like siblings. So, when Tink’s family passed through the town she decided it was time to try out her wings and moved into the top floor of the warehouse while Cosmos took the first and second floors as his own.

Tink’s family was as different as Cosmos’ which is why they probably gravitated to each other. Tink grew up traveling the country in a forty foot